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HR’s data-driven revolution

People are the starting point for improvement, and technology is the path that leads an organisation there

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Businesses generate an immense amount of data daily, yet many organisations are unaware of its value in understanding customers, competitors, employees, business partners, and processes. Intelligent technology and cloud-based platforms remove the guesswork from deciphering data, finding efficiencies, and implementing improvements.

According to a report from SAP SuccessFactors and IDC, only 16% of organisations have collaborative, agile, and adaptive work methods in place that can keep pace with technological developments and changes. It’s evident that while business leaders understand data is always being created and collect, but unsure how to capitalise on the data and kickstart their HR digital transformations.

This is where HR departments have a crucial role to play, by aligning themselves with intelligent tech tools. Organisational data highlights where processes can be optimised to ensure efficiency and consistency while eliminating human error. SAP SuccessFactors and solutions streamline the resources needed to operate, businesses have greater agility and transparency. This is critical in an ever-changing business-landscape that favours proactive and responsive enterprises.

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