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Job-hopping is ‘chaotic,’ says career coach—her No. 1 strategy for finding a fulfilling, well-paid job

By | Ashton Jackson |

Job hopping has some positives: You can try a bunch of different roles to see what you like best, and make a lot of money in the process.

But a career coach strongly recommends against it for a simple reason: It makes your life a lot more “chaotic.”

“Take the long view,” career and leadership coach Phoebe Gavin tells CNBC Make It. “Be thoughtful about what you’re building for yourself instead of letting the winds of chance blow you wherever they’re going to blow you.”

That’s easier said than done, since planning ahead can go against an innate human desire for instant gratification and familiarity. Lots of people take an opportunity because it “seems OK,” find a new one when it ends up being terrible and repeat the cycle of building “a career that is largely out of your control,” Gavin says.

“Most people think very, very, very short term,” she adds.

Finding a more stable and fulfilling career — which may ultimately pay more down the road, too — starts with some intentional self-questioning, Gavin says. Ask yourself: Where do I want to be in a year, three years and five years?

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