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Leadership Flaws: Why Great Employees Quit

Source | | Johanna Wise

When professionals approach me, intent on leaving their prestigious jobs, they generally aren’t leaving for the reason you expect: Rarely do they leave simply to earn more money. While conversations often begin that way — “I’m not earning enough” — diving into their circumstance typically reveals that the real issue is a disconnect with either the company’s values or its organizational environment. The employees feel they do not earn enough to compensate for the disconnect. Today we’ll focus on ensuring alignment with company values.

Leaders: Keep your team productive and intact by keeping the following in mind.

A company’s values stem from its industry, product and leadership. They determine its culture, answering questions like:

• What do employees care about?

• How do they interact?

• What’s their work/life balance?

To keep your employees satisfied, clearly express your values and recheck them whenever an issue arises. In essence, follow these steps:

Communicate Values While Hiring

At some point during hiring, an individual needs to understand the organization’s values.

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