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Letting Go of the Outcome | Payal Khurana | TEDxUF

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Bengaluru: The demand for information technology (IT) skills is expected to significantly rise in a post covid world as even traditionally non-technology companies have been forced to embrace digital transformation.

Digital is no longer the prerogative of IT companies as it has percolated to organisations across sizes and sectors, said experts.

“In the next few quarters, lot of the hiring in IT will come from non-IT companies which have undergone digital transformation due to the impact of the pandemic…Even a traditional retail outlet will now like to have a digital presence because of new norms like social distancing etc.,” said Lohit Bhatia, president, Indian Staffing Federation (ISF).

“Post-covid, many small & medium retail businesses are planning to restructure and innovate for higher productivity, efficiency and profitability including automation of various processes and digital transformation,” said Anne Soumya, HR director, Adecco Group India. “We are already seeing a disruption in this trend.”

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