Meet America’s Best Startup Employers 2020

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If you’d rather take a risk and join a budding business than be bound to the rungs of the corporate ladder, startup life may be right for you. But when your potential employer hasn’t existed for more than a few years and may not even have a product, let alone profits, how can you tell if it’s a good place to work?

Forbes partnered with market research company Statista to identify the up-and-coming companies liked best by their employees in our inaugural ranking of America’s best startup employers. The list was compiled by evaluating 2,500 American businesses with at least 50 employees on three criteria: employer reputation, employee satisfaction and growth.

Those who are drawn to early-stage companies may have different professional priorities than those at more established firms, but the qualities they value most in employers are surprisingly similar. A clear mission, for example, is just as important to the more than 450 employees who work for Allbirds, No. 1 on this list, as it is to those on the payrolls of some of America’s biggest businesses. Since launching in 2016, the San Francisco-based direct-to-consumer footwear brand has sought to create comfortable, carbon-neutral shoes. A certified B Corp, Allbirds’ sustainable practices have proved an effective recruitment tool. “The talent we attract is aligned with our mission to make an impact on the world,” says Laila Tarraf, head of employee experience at Allbirds. “For people who want to spend their working lives feeling like they’re doing something that helps the greater good, we make that possible here.” 

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