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Never do these 2 things after getting a lowball salary offer, says career expert—a ‘perfect example’ of how to respond

By | J.T. O’Donnell |

So you found a job you’re actually excited about, nailed the interview process, and received a callback with an offer. The bad news? It’s a lowball salary.

I’ve seen this happen to so many job seekers, and while it’s unfortunate, I can tell you that a lowball salary doesn’t necessarily mean a lost cause.

In fact, it’s the way you respond that can make all the difference.

Let’s use Tyler’s situation as an example. Tyler just interviewed for an marketing assistant position at a tech company in New York City, and was offered a starting salary of $50,000.

Unfortunately, he was expecting somewhere between $60,000 and $70,000, which is fair based on his experience and market value.

2 things you should never do

Before Tyler responds, he’s going to remember the two things that will ruin his chances of a successful outcome:

1. Taking it personally. Employers can offer low salaries for a number of reasons — perhaps they have a tight hiring budget or they’re leaving some wiggle room because they expect you to negotiate. It doesn’t always have to do with the individual person.

(I’ve seen people end up getting the salary they wanted, but come into the job resenting their employer for giving them a lowball salary in the first place. This type of thinking won’t benefit you in any way. After all, if the company chose you as their top candidate and worked hard to meet your requirements, it means they see value and have confidence in you.)

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