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Over the last five years, the number of Gen Z managers has more than tripled but on the other hand have been promoted less than other generations!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | Leading Global HR Analytics, Driving Business Growth

💡 Gen Z workers – people born between 1997 and 2012 – have more than tripled their managerial footprint in recent years, a demographic shift that’s reshaping the workplace.

🏆 For the first time, employers are promoting Gen Z into management as often as they do Baby Boomers.

💪 Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomer managers get promoted far more often than their Gen Z counterparts.

Gen Z managers with direct reports get promoted less often than Baby Boomers is that nearly half of them work in industries with comparatively low career development opportunity, according to a new interesting research published by ADP Research Institute® using data 📊 from ADP Payroll and HR data analyzed.

✅Number of Gen Z managers is rising very fast

Gen Z managers evolution

Researchers found that Gen Z managers are rising fast as these workers age into the management ranks.

📉 Despite the rapid growth of Gen Z managerial promotions and hiring, Gen Z workers accounted for only 13.9 percentof managerial hires in 2023 and made up only 3 percent of the managerial workforce.

⚠️ The vast majority of Gen Z hires in 2023, nearly 98%, were not managers.

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