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Post-COVID, 75% of 4.5 lakh TCS employees to permanently work from home by ’25; from 20%

Post-coronavirus: New model called 25/25 will require far less office space. Decision came after the firm briskly moved 90% of its workforce to an operating model called Secure Borderless Work Spaces

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Not all is negative about the lockdown aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus, certainly not for India’s largest IT service firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The crisis has provided an opportunity to India’s largest IT firm to discard its 20-year-old operating model and leapfrog into a new mode of work.

Running up to 2025, TCS will ask a vast majority of 75% of its 4.48 lakh employees globally (including 3.5 lakh in India) to work from home, up from the industry average of 20% today. The new model called 25/25 will require far less office space than occupied today. “We don’t believe that we need more than 25% of our workforce at our facilities in order to be 100% productive,” says TCS’s chief operating officer NG Subramaniam.

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The decision came after TCS briskly moved 90% of its 4,48,000 employees post-lockdown to an operating model it calls Secure Borderless Work Spaces (SBWS). In a letter to employees TCS CEO and MD Rajesh Gopinathan wrote SBWS had seen 35,000 meetings, 406000 calls, and 340 lakh messages across TCS on the digital collaboration platform.TCS has invested in creating SBWS over the past few years. “We have come out stronger and our model is more proven than ever before,” TCS’s CEO and MD Rajesh Gopinathan says. 

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