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4 Smart Ways Successful People Respond to Feedback

By | Kaysie Garza

Have you ever been given candid feedback from your boss about how your work’s going? As more and more companies place value on the performance review and improved communication, the answer is probably yes. And yet, people—regardless of title—tend to dread this one-on-one conversation.

I get it. No one ever really looks forward to receiving negative feedback (a typical component of the employee-employer discussion), but learning how to work with constructive criticism is a skill worth mastering. Getting insight about how you’re doing and how you could improve is so essential to professional development, so it really shouldn’t be something that makes you anxious.

Although compliments about your performance tend to be welcomed more readily, if they’re vague or generic-sounding, you walk away with not a lot to work with. If you want to excel, grow, and be successful, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best commentary as possible.

The scenarios outlined below will help you elicit useful feedback from your manager that you can actually apply to your career.

1. Vague Feedback

Your boss says, “You’re doing great, keep up the good work.”

You say, “I’m glad to hear that. What are some ways I take on more responsibility?”

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