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SV Nathan on Key HR challenges in 2020 and strategies to fix them

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Super exclusive conversation with S.V. Nathan, Partner, and the Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte India. Nathan has over three decades of experience in HR management, across diverse industries including Manufacturing, Hospitality, IT, Telecom, and Professional Services.  

He is a respected voice of the HR profession in India, Nathan speaks regularly at several national and global forums on contemporary HR matters. He was conferred the ‘Distinguished Alumnus Award’ by XLRI by his Alma Mater. He was acknowledged as one of the top 25 thought leaders in the Digital space by SAP. He was also recognized as one of the top three Power Profiles in HR by LinkedIn for 2017 and his blogs and posts on #OfficeTruths on LinkedIn is very popular. Recently, Nathan has been appointed as senior faculty members from India, at The Josh Bersin Academy. And LinkedIn announced him one of the LinkedIn’s Top 25 Voices 2019 from India.

Q- You are an inspirational HR veteran having vast experience with fortune 500 companies. How do you look at your career journey today? And what have been the key milestones in your life?

I was born in ‎a very modest family and my early education was in a school run by the municipal corporation. In all, I have been to five schools across three cities, completed my graduation in mathematics, and ended my studies on a high note at XLRI Jamshedpur. I was a good student and did well academically. Each stage in my professional journey has taught me something new. From my first company, a British multinational called ICI in which I spent 12 years, I learnt how important it is to seek out bright minds and train them to be a successful fit with the organisation. Next, Sterling Holiday Resorts in Madras taught me that bright minds are not always the ones with a formidable resume. Always look for a spark that can be harnessed to deliver extraordinary results. At Reliance, I learnt the power of imagination, and relentless project planning and delivery. It was then that I found my way to Deloitte, first with the US Offices in India for 10 years, and now, with Deloitte India. This a place where people lead by example, serve with integrity, take care of each other, include everyone, and collaborate for measurable impact.

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