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Taken a Career Break? 5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Upskill Before You Return

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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

There is no better way to grow than by continuously expanding knowledge horizons.

There is no better way to return to work than by continuously upskilling.

 Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, one of India’s finest B-schools which is consistently ranked among the top 10 in the country, has launched a unique programme exclusively designed for women who wish to upskill and return to work with confidence.


Through their Post Graduate Management Programme for Women — PGMPW — you get the opportunity to carve out a place in the second leg of your corporate career after a break.


PGMPW is the only full-time management programme for women who wish to return to their full time professional careers.

The programme aims to impart relevant knowledge, skills and attitude which enable you to return to a professional career after a break with steadfastness.

The On-boarding e-module covers basic management concepts delivered through online courses. The objective of this module is to refresh the basic concepts and bring all the participants to equal base in basic course concepts.  This module also prepares the participants to get into the rigor of full-time management program.

The module includes courses in Financial Accounting, Spreadsheet Modeling and Quantitative Methods.

Read on to find out more about this fantastic course in management exclusively for women like you and why you should be part of it!


With so much talk about upskilling and learning new skills before paving the way for a second career, it might be intimidating to think about what lies ahead.

On the contrary, it should act as a boost to restart your journey armed with a postgraduate degree from SPJIMR!

 5 Reasons to Upskill

As a woman on a career break,  these questions might be way too familiar to the ear:

“How are you ever going to go back to work after all these years? Who will hire you?”

“You won’t earn enough to support your family. How will you ensure a secure financial future?”

“How can you think of returning to work when you have a baby to look after?”

It’s easier said than done, but if you want to take charge of your career, then these are questions you need to put behind you, and go forth into what you wish to do.  

Because, believe it or not, you will be respected for being unapologetic about your ambition. You will be looked up for the different roles you play. So, if a corporate career is what you want, then get down to it and make the most of that decision. 

And when you do, SPJIMR has got you covered, because the management believes that every woman returnee stands a chance at a successful second career through the PGMPW.

Beat Your Competition

One sure-shot way of making headway in your career after a hiatus is to identify a reskilling programme that will put you ahead of the competition. And that’s PGMPW. This 11-month full-time programme will give you the opportunity to regain your confidence, show the world what you’re capable of and go in the direction of your dream.

This certification course will make you stand out from the crowd and give you the much-needed boost to catapult your career to the next level.

Adapt to Changing Trends. Broaden your Job Prospects

Regardless of the reason for your career break, your return to work should not be determined by your past, but by your actionable future.

By being prepared to take on the changing trends in the corporate world, you broaden your horizons by giving yourself a greater chance of succeeding in your professional endeavors. Bridging the gap in your skill sets can flip the odds in your favor, offering you job opportunities you never thought possible.

SPJIMR’s PGMPW will give you just that — a certified course from a prestigious B-school that will help you prove your mettle in the big corporate world. 

Read on till the end to find out all about the course and the modules covered

 Bring in Gender Diversity

An article by the World Economic Forum, ‘The Reskilling Revolution can Transform the Future of Work for Women’, states:

This reskilling imperative may offer just the opportunity we need to finally usher in meaningful change in the struggle for gender diversity. It will enable companies to move more women into the roles that they deserve, keep them in the workforce and bring back those who have left.” 

That’s more than enough reason for women to realise their potential by pursuing their dreams and leaving no stone unturned in achieving them. At a time when corporate India is taking small but sure steps towards gender diversity and inclusion, it’s imperative that women on a career break like you, stand up to the challenge and make your way to the top rungs of management.

And to help you through this journey is SPJIMR. They’re here to help you reclaim your professional identity.

Want to Rise in your Career? Upskill.

It’s a proven fact that learning new skills will not only improve your chances of rising up the corporate ladder, it also opens up opportunities for new roles and responsibilities that you never thought you were capable of!

Your commitment to progress in your career will show in the ensuing impact on your journey forward.

A career break is not a setback. It is a stepping stone to something greater, and that will be possible if YOU decide to take charge of your career plans. Upskill. Upskill. Upskill. Get noticed. Be unstoppable.

Financial Freedom 

It’s a known fact that women who wish to return after a career break often look for flexible job roles in order to facilitate a smooth transition to the workplace. But a programme like the PGMPW is a segue into your second career that guarantees financial independence.

 What is the PGMPW?

The Post Graduate Management Programme for Women is divided into 4 terms which covers basic concepts of management, functional areas and an integrative approach to general management. 

The programme also includes a corporate internship and 4 courses in concentration areas like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, Operations & Supply Chain Management and Information Management.

Course takeaways

  • E-learning module from Harvard
  • 6 weeks of corporate internship and/or dissertation across any general management domain
  • Courses drawn from diverse areas of business management

With three successful batches, the first one in 2017, the programme is testament to the power of upskilling and reskilling in today’s world.

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