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“That’s The Only Time I Have Ever Ghosted A Job”: People Are Sharing Red Flags To Look Out For In A Company Before Accepting A Job Offer

"There are no outliers with this red flag. Hearing it means there will be cliques and expectations to work long hours and to put up with some REALLY shady stuff."

By | Fabiana Buontempo |

The way it’s important to look out for red flags in relationships — that same logic applies to companies when you’re job hunting. Sometimes, when you’re in the midst of the interview process, it can be easy to overlook certain things that indicate the company is not one you should work for.

two hands shaking during an interview

To help you figure out which job ~red flags~ you should be on the lookout for, I rounded up responses from a Reddit thread that asked, “What screams: ‘This company is not a good place to work?'” Here are some of them.

2. “When the longest working employee there has been around for less than a year.”

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