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The 12 skills of a good HR Leader | Dave Ulrich & Freshteam

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While hiring an HR leader, what are the skills you should look for besides business skills and talent management? Professor Dave Ulrich, based on his decades of experience, offers his insights through a simple 4×3 matrix helping you assess the 12 HR skills that good senior leaders or managers should possess.

Leadership in HR is a big deal-maker or breaker for a growing company and it is a Herculean task indeed to hire the right HR leader for a startup. This video guides you with making the right decision for this crucial task.

If you are a startup, here are solutions to common HR challenges that might be ailing you:

About the Speaker: Professor Dave Ulrich, an author of over 30 books, is widely recognized as the ‘father of modern HR’ and is acclaimed as a top HR influencer, having consulted over half of the Fortune 200 companies and worked with organizations in over 80 countries.

This video is an excerpt from Professor Ulrich’s interview with Freshteam’s Leadership series here:
His talk covers how a growing company goes about building the right HR team including:
1) Its workplace culture
2) The hiring process
3) Getting the first HR leader on board
4) Focus area for the first HR leader

This interview will leave you with deep insights on how to go about your next step as you build the next big startup in town.

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