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The Event Planning Recipe for Success in 2022

By | Connor Circle | Global HR Expert

The events industry has gone through a tremendous shake up in the last 2 and half years. With the cessation of physical meetings, most events turned to virtual platforms. Now that things are changing, the transition is still prevalent with event planners finding themselves juggling between online events, hybrid events and in-person events. It’s only normal for a lot of event planners to wonder how to deliver successful events amidst the changes and the demands. However, not too much has changed, and successful event planning is possible with the right strategizing. Whether you are planning a virtual, hybrid or in-person event, corporate or otherwise, in 2022, this is what you need for a successful outcome.

Define the goals and know your audience

Regardless of the event type, every event should have a goal. What is the purpose of the event? What does it aim to achieve? Understanding the goals and objectives of the event makes it clear on where to focus and acts as a guide for every other aspect of event planning. It becomes easier to create a budget and allocate the funding and time more carefully, select your team and vendors and select the theme and the right approach.

In addition, it is equally important to understand the target audience from the early stages of planning. What are the demographics? What are their likes and interests? Where can you find them? Answering such questions helps tailor the event accordingly, which raises the odds of success. Additionally, it makes it easy to find effective ways on how to reach them.  

Make use of technology

Technology is revolutionizing how we do things, and event planning isn’t an exemption. Utilizing event technology to your advantage can impact the success of the event positively by allowing better planning and event management and enhancing the event experience for attendees and you as an event planner.

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to event technology. Your choice depends on what you want to achieve with the event. Using registration software makes sign-up quick and easy, while digital marketing management tools help personalize event messaging to enhance the audience reach and increase attendance. A translation system helps bridge the language barrier using interpreting equipment rentals for events with international attendance. You can also use gamification to enhance engagement and create an exciting experience for attendees. Moreover, with even planning and management software, every aspect of your planning will be enhanced.

Select the right venue and timing

The venue has a significant impact on the overall outcome of the event. For starters, it can affect the budget and audience participation. If it is too expensive, you might need to cut back your expenditure on other areas. Additionally, the size and location can dictate attendance and engagement. Moreover, every type of event calls for a unique atmosphere. For instance, an event requiring a casual setting won’t be successful in a formal setting. Consider these things when selecting the venue.

Another thing that is of paramount importance is the timing of the event. Get it wrong and you are likely to rush the planning or record low attendance. The timing should give you enough time to plan. In addition, it should be carefully selected to maximize attendance. To do this, you will need to put into consideration the days of the week, the month, the start and end time, other top events coming up, venue availability and more.

Market your event

Promoting your event effectively is a sure way to attract more people to sign-up. Your best bet would be to adopt a strategy that gets your target audience excited about the event. Moreover, sharing about the experience, values and what they stand to gain can go a long way. Make use of eye-catching advertisements to draw attention. Additionally, use a mixture of avenues and strategies to widen your reach. You can think of an event website, social media, email marketing, influencer engagement and the like.

Think of how to drive engagement

People nowadays are after a good experience. If you are to have a successful event this year, planning to deliver a magical experience to the audience should be a top priority. Moreover, you can achieve this by enhancing attendees engagement before, during and after the event.

Some of the most effective ways to drive engagement include using technology. Gamification, virtual reality expo space, digital photobooth are great ideas. In addition, incorporate interactive sessions such as Q&A sessions, workshops and the like to increase participation. You can also add a sense of community to the event by allowing a networking session during the event.


A successful event boils down to the planning and you owe your clients that much. Even with the dynamics changing, you can still deliver events that can set you apart in the industry this year. Just start by understanding the target audience and the goals of the event. Then, ensure that you get the venue and the timing right. Additionally, keep attendees engagement at the top of your mind, promote the event effectively and leverage technology to your advantage.

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