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The Great ‘Guts’by – What makes professionals take risks?

By | Akash Chander | Managing Director & Facilitator at Strengthscape Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

Whether it’s being bold – or just straight-up reckless; the talk of taking risks at the workplace is bound to bounce off the walls of conference rooms – and exit interviews alike.  

Risk-taking in the workplace is one of those skills that are both revered as well as feared by professionals of all designations. While risk-taking tends to have both positive as well as negative consequences based on the nature of the approach, let’s delve into what factors contribute to an individual taking the more constructive path to risk-taking at the workplace. 

Marinate in a Risk-Taking Culture 

Workplace culture is the foundation of a company’s beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and values. That being said, in order to increase the number of these professional daredevils, conscious changes need to be made to the existing workplace culture to bolster effective risk-taking among their existing employees, while also hunting for professionals that readily possess the trait. 

 A Teaspoon of High Motivation  

Motivation is not a resource that can be conjured out of thin air – it needs its sources like any other form of fuel. Thus, one needs to possess high motivational levels fueled by their goals – both personal and professional to set the essentials precursors of taking informed risks at the workplace. 

 A Sprinkle of Confidence  

Individuals with numerous years of experience under their belt with a particular job role tend to garner a strong relationship with familiarity. This as a result bolsters confidence to carry out the same tasks in somewhat unorthodox methods and leads one to be experimental. Gaining efficacy in one’s skills is essential in finding more creative modalities to carry them out.

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