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6 Tips for Staying Off Your Phone During a Much-Needed Vacation From Your Business

By | John Boitnott | Contributor at and The Motley Fool – Ghost Writer for executives and entrepreneurs

The temptation to use your phone during vacation can be overwhelming. It’s equally tempting for your team to reach out to you. Here’s how to minimize both.

You’re on the beach with the family, and all seems right with the world. As you lean back in your chair watching the kids splash around in the waves, you bask in the glow of a long overdue and well-earned vacation. Visions of leisurely dinners, ice cream cones, miniature golf or gazing at sunsets fill the space that meeting agendas, project plans and paperwork once occupied.

That is until the buzzing of the electronic leash in your pocket pulls you from a daydream back into the reality of the office you left two days ago. You feel the vibration and hear the generic ding that can only mean an alert from one of your coworkers. The message starts with “Sorry to bother you on vacation…” Your significant other gives you that icy stare as they realize they’ll be the ones taking the kids for ice cream solo. This is the frustration of a vacation with your body in one place and your head in another.

Let’s take a look at some strategies that can help small business owners unplug from work while on vacation.

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