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Top 5 Employability Skills for 2020

Source | LinkedIn | Trans Neuron Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate, Colleges and Youth are aware of the Skill Gap issue being faced all over the world. Skill Gap issue is trending besides other hot discussions for obvious reasons.

When surveyed, the corporate revealed their struggles on finding and hiring industry-ready graduates, and retaining the trained employees and upskill them. The students communicated their confusion on what is expected from them. The students seemed clueless on their preparations for the interview and real-job scenarios. The colleges and universities on the other hand fall short on preparing students with industry-oriented skills.

We see a very sorted yet unanswered situation. When spoken about ‘Employability Skills‘, we often mistake them for technical skills, resume preparation and successfully navigating an interview. In today’s world with increasing competition and massive technological innovation, employability skills has an updated meaning and a high necessity in order to crack a job and sustain in the industry.

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What are Employability Skills?

A set of transferable skills possessed by an individual to make them employable can be defined as Employability Skills. In intensively competitive labor market, employers define employability skills as a set of skills, knowledge and personal attributes that make an individual flexible, take initiative and have the ability to undertake a variety of tasks in different environments. Every employer has a pre-defined skill-set which they look in for, while hiring.

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