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Tripled salaries, big bonuses, on-the-spot offers: Recruiters are going to extreme lengths to hire

By | Jennifer Liu |

A year since the U.S. began seeing record turnover, exhausted recruiters are putting everything on the table.

The recovering pandemic economy has proven to be a job-seeker’s market, with nearly 48 million people quitting a job last year and 76 million taking a new one. Still, the labor market currently has 11 million openings, according to recent Labor Statistics data, and roughly two jobs for every person looking for one.

“If the labor market today is a golden age for workers, it is a lump of coal for recruiters not able to adapt to the new world we live in,” says Pete Lamson, CEO of Employ, the parent company of several recruiting brands.

To make up for it, recruiters are fighting to hire by advertising skyrocketing pay bands, throwing out buzzy benefits and putting everything on the table to chase down a candidate — before someone else scoops them up.

Big salaries are front and center

Pay transparency is gaining steam as businesses in some states and cities, like Colorado and soon New York City, are being required to include their salary ranges in job listings. Angela Copeland, senior vice president of marketing at, says more forward-thinking companies are advertising pay to attract talent.

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