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What Does HR Need to do to Prepare for Hybrid Working?

Source | | Caroline Styr | Bhushan Sethi

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Bhushan Sethi, joint global leader of PwC’s People & Organisation practice, to discuss insights from their recent Workforce and CHRO Pulse Surveys. The surveys have been running since the start of Covid-19 with the aim of understanding the business community’s sentiment and experience with different aspects of the pandemic. The results we discuss here are based on responses from 2000 US workers and nearly 100 CHROs. You can view the full methodology and previous Workforce Pulse Survey data here.

The surveys explore questions on work and the workplace and how the workforce is feeling, including topics such as:

  • Remote work

  • Health and safety

  • Return to work

  • Mental health

  • Cybersecurity

  • Economic and political uncertainty

  • Social injustice

  • Systemic racism

myHRfuture: Let’s start by discussing the purpose of the surveys you’ve been running throughout Covid-19 and the insights you’ve recently published at PwC.

Bhushan: It’s really important for organisations to understand how people around the world, especially if you’re running global teams, are feeling about uncertainty, about re-skilling, about wellbeing.  Especially because we’re unable to go out and physically meet people, the more that we can get data on sentiment, the better.

 We’re all in this shared experience with lock downs in many parts of the world. And we haven’t really fully reopened in our personal lives, with things such as travelling, going to theatres, sporting events, and meeting friends. It’s an important point, in times of crisis to really take the pulse of your people and take the pulse of the workforce.

myHRfuture: We’ll dive into different parts of the research shortly, but before we do – what was the most surprising or interesting finding, in your view?

 Bhushan: It has surprised me, but it’s probably more because I see it as an important part of my civic responsibility, that in one of our surveys in January, only 70% of people wanted to return to the office and were willing to wear a mask. 54% were willing to show proof of a vaccine.

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