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What is Machine Learning and How Can It Help My Career?

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Machine Learning is not just a tech buzzword. LinkedIn’s report on emerging jobs in 2020 states that Machine Learning is set to be a job that is much sought after!

If you are a woman in tech, this is your opportunity to capitalise on this trend. Read on to learn more about what Machine Learning is, where you can take a course on it, and what kind of jobs you can expect at the end.

What is Machine Learning?

Computer technology is increasing by leaps and bounds. With each passing day, new and advanced concepts come up in the world of computers and Information Technology. 

More people are now using the internet to send, receive and store information. On an individual level, this data processing is not a very tedious job. But in big organisations, there’s a huge volume of data that has to be managed. 

Therefore, there needs to be an effective method in place. Moreover, this method needs to work flawlessly, without human intervention. This is one of the reasons why the concept of machine learning has been introduced. 

Let’s learn more about it and why machine learning online courses are so popular now.

Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine Learning is not a term that’s familiar to people outside the field of IT. It is basically a part of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Machine Learning equips computers with the ability to understand, learn and improve their functions without being instructed manually. This does away with the need to program the computer several times, whenever you want it to perform a new task. 

The process of Machine Learning works on a specific algorithm. This algorithm enables the computer to recognise patterns in the data that is fed into it and develop an understanding of how to process it on its own. Through machine learning, the computer can predict the outcome of the data pattern that it analyses.

There is a reason for mentioning machine learning and data management/data mining together. It is because data mining is a branch of Machine Learning. 

Machine Learning focuses on prediction based on recognised patterns in the data. On the other hand, data mining focuses on identifying unknown patterns in the data. Nevertheless, both concepts use the same method of analysis.

What is the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Simply put, Artificial Intelligence refers to the implementation of technology that helps make machines smart. Automated Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing are usually employed to run Artificial Intelligence on machines.

Machine Learning, on the other hand, refers to systems that can learn patterns continuously without human intervention. Scientists think it is the best way to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is on par with humans.

What is machine learning good for?

Since we began implementing Machine Learning in our technology, Machine Learning has given us self-driving cars, enabled speech recognition, effective web search and much more. 

Machine Learning has so seamlessly integrated into our lives that we use it every day without consciously knowing what it is about. 

What is the best programming language for Machine Learning?

Experts differ in their opinions on which programming language suits Machine Learning best, but Python has been getting overwhelming support from the coding community for Machine Learning.

Even if you are not a Python developer, don’t fear. Machine Learning can also be done using R, Lisp, Prolog and Java among many other programming languages.

Machine Learning Courses

Machine Learning courses are meant for engineers, software and IT professionals, and data professionals. These courses generally include supervised learning — where a mathematical model contains both inputs and the required output, unsupervised learning — which contains only inputs but no desired output, semi-supervised learning, regression learning and so on.

Machine Learning courses also teach you how to build smart robots, develop text understanding, computer vision, medical informatics, audio and database mining, and other such concepts.

JobsForHer’s reskilling partner, Great Learning, offers a top-notch Machine Learning course to women who want to upgrade their skill set in tech. This post-graduate course is conducted in conjunction with the Great Lakes Institute of Management and is available in an online, as well as on-campus format.

This course is specially designed for working professionals to help them unlock their potential and reach out to newer and better opportunities.

Machine Learning Jobs For You

Once you’ve taken the required courses and equipped yourself with all things to know about Machine Learning, you can apply for any of these roles: 

  • Business Analyst
  • Product Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist

The Data Scientist role is one of the top-paying jobs in the world right now. This is one more incentive for you to consider when enrolling in these courses.

So, what are you waiting for? Start the new year by adopting Machine Learning and watch your career soar!

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