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Social Media Blessing or Boon

Source | LinkedIn | Rajessh Deb Roy | Business Partner |Global Product Management & Marketing Ambassador | AIPMM USA

I often wonder how often everyone in Social media get influenced by numbers of followers they have in virtual world but in Reality when in need you might not get to see single one by your side at times ,Isn’t that so unreal in the real world that the best of relations are parting & leaving lunches & dinners only via WhatsApp updates or Face book updates yes that

Lust of likes & be famous dragging real Relations to den just like hen laying eggs without Pen .

Yes its so true your next flat neighbour doesn’t talk to each other they meet & see each other through Facebook or Twitter updates .I still remember in childhood our home was full of guests where in we used to spent time socialising & once in a week we used to go to some uncles house & be there for enjoying those moments & galvanising various thoughts .

I wonder where are those days where are those humanity filled relations its their but far off hidden amidst cloud of Social web acting like termite to spoil the personal equations of Relations you valid once isn’t so true .Yes its is required to stay connected however how much is ok or how much is too much its real story could be told by your palm & thumb which are often found keeping your eye balls glued throughout the day waiting for some fortune to fall from your little six inch screen of worthy Mobile or 13″ Laptop .Isn’t so true ?If you agree then worth enjoying the read else you may like to save your time after very full stop .

Social Media Personal Drama

It looks like …Why is everyone happy and I am not?

A newly married couple posted some beautiful pictures from their honeymoon.

Aman, their unmarried friend, felt envy and sad looking at his own fate.

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