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What Successful Life Leaders Do to Build a Deeply Fulfilling Life

By | Fletcher Kennith |

Picture this: Two dudes, each on a horse, in a huge field. At the same time, each horse starts moving. That’s where the similarities end. 

Dude #1 is holding on for dear life. He looks terrified and is bouncing around like he’s on a pogo stick instead of a horse. Basically, he happens to be there while the horse is doing whatever it darn well pleases. It prances, bucks, gallops, walks, spins around, runs in wide arcs. Through it all, the feller is off-balance, barely breathing, occasionally uttering a yell or expletive, and hoping for it all to calm down so he can catch his breath before the next rampage.

Dude #2, however, is a whole different story. His horse is moving under its own significant power, of course, but our guy is guiding it, encouraging it first one way, then another. He’s slowing it down when it wants to bolt ahead, and communicating firmly what he wants. Through it all, he sits tall in the saddle, holds the reins in a way that allows him the clearest communication with his ride. 

Got the metaphor?  

Your life is like the horses. It moves of its own volition, under its own steam. There are external factors and lots of unknowns that create circumstances beyond your total control. But the way you show up to your experience of life will make all the difference in your “ride.” You can feel like a victim of life’s twists, turns, and bucks, or you can learn how to ride and respond. Doesn’t mean you (I, we) won’t occasionally fall off or lose control, but it does ensure your ride will be a much, much more fulfilling experience.

Following are some of the most fundamental mindsets and practices successful life leaders put into place as they take the reins, improve their skills, and learn how to ride this thing called life! 

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