Why is the funding scenario dismal for women entrepreneurs in India?

Source | | Annapurani V

In 2019, only 6.5% of the funding raised among the top 150 funded start-ups in India went to women-founded/co-founded start-ups

“I went out to raise funding when I was six months pregnant. And, I ended up raising funding, but after I finished and when I was sitting with some VC (venture capital) friends, one of them told the other one “You missed out a great opportunity.” He said, “I would have invested, but she is just too pregnant.” This was in front of me. Until then I didn’t know there was such a phrase as too pregnant.

“This was in 2009,” says Anisha Singh, founding partner of She Capital, an early stage fund that invests in women-led businesses, who is also the co-founder of an internet start-up

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