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Women in Leadership roles – now increasingly visible

Source | | Kadambari Rao Batra | Senior Management Professional

Leadership – a word that is so potent and one that takes so many forms. As women, we seem like born leaders, nurturing families and running households. We have long been seen as pioneers and leaders in fields that had their roots in our traditional role as a home-maker, such as Cooking, Clothing or even Nursing.

Yet, it is equally true that the hospitality industry has been predominantly male-dominated!!!

Women have also seen a lot of success in fields that have celebrated individual talent, such as, the Media, Fine Arts or Literature. But, it is also true that women had found it difficult to be publicly recognized for their work or talent; having to write under a male pen-name until about 70-80 years ago.

Similarly, men acted the parts of women in the silent film era, because men thought that this wasn’t a place for women. And while we have known of successful women in fields such as the visual arts or fashion design, over the last century, the most significant breakthroughs and achievements have been in fields that have been traditionally male-dominated.

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