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10 Actionable Tips To Make Tough Decisions in Life

By | Kim Monaghan |

You make decisions every day, from what you’ll eat for lunch to the route you’ll drive through on your way to work. But when you consider the phrase “tough decisions,” your mind probably wanders to bigger choices, like accepting a job offer, buying a home, or asking for a raise.

Tough decisions in life can be even grander in scale including those related to health or caring for a loved one. Planning for a safe, healthy, and financially secure future may be your definition of tough decisions. But everyone is different. What you consider a tough decision may be a no-brainer for your best friend.

Regardless of how each of you qualifies the level of this choice, here are some actionable steps to help you prepare for making tough decisions in your life.

1. Visualize Preferred Outcomes

Before you even dig into the homework and data, consider what you want. Visualization is not something mystical but rather intentional. Organizations build strategic plans around their visions. Leaders, influencers, celebrities, and athletes (to name a few) attribute visualization to their success. Just ask any Olympic gold medalist or a sports psychologist how visualizing the best outcome has been critical in their success.

You certainly don’t need to be playing at that level to use this strategy for tough decisions. So, step back a moment and take some time to think about and perhaps, journal your desired outcome.

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