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10 Best Startup Demo Videos & how to make your own

By | Amy Robinson

People appreciate viewing videos regularly because they provide a quick explanation that other forms of media do not. Videos have been the most popular way to obtain new information due to pictures and audio.

When it comes to learning about new goods, 85% of respondents say that seeing branded demo films helps them comprehend them better. They may learn more about a product by watching a demo video before buying one.

As a result, marketers have chosen to include marketing films in their efforts. Startup films may make it easier for marketers to break into the field.

Why is a fantastic demo video so vital for your business?

A fantastic demo film does more for the founders to market their business and explain their product or services than any word, picture, or website could accomplish. A superb demo video is the most effective and efficient approach to delivering your message in a manner that anybody can understand and listen to.

A fantastic demo video serves as an elevator pitch for your firm, allowing you to avoid having to tell your narrative to clients and investors over and over again. Allow the video to tell your description so you can focus on developing a fantastic product.

You can create startup video using video maker that will impact your target audience and keep them engaged right away. We’ve compiled a list of the finest startup films ever created, as well as some pointers on how to make one for your company.

Here’s a list of the top ten startup demo video examples to get you started on your own-

Creating marketing videos is simpler if you already know what you want. You may get some ideas from the startup demo films listed below.

  1. Monday

This acquisition video for Monday’s project management system starts with a guerrilla filmmaking-style beginning. It does an excellent job of presenting the high-level information the user needs to know with fast-paced and amusing imagery. Furthermore, the use of actual objects lends a feeling of groundedness to the software interface, allowing the visitor to envision using this system in their workplace.

  1. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club’s explainer film, released in 2012, was hailed as one of marketing’s most extraordinary efforts. Since its first release, the video has received positive feedback, and people couldn’t get enough of this amusing video promoting the little razor.

Within three days of releasing its explanation film to the public, the firm got a stunning sales figure. Dollar Shave Club received over 12,000 orders due to a single marketing video that went viral on YouTube.

  1. Airtable

This film does an excellent job of demonstrating a variety of use cases while adopting a broad, top-of-the-funnel approach that will appeal to the public.

Airtable also does something else that is quite clever. As time passes and viewers theoretically exit the video, the information supplied becomes more precise, with particular techniques and characteristics.

If someone has stayed on Airtable’s demo video for more than one minute, they are most likely a qualified lead who wants to learn more.

  1. Fugo

From the very first frame, this starting film is full of life. The environment is casual and pleasant, making it empathetic and accessible to the audience members. By blending live-action, animation, and a tiny amount of screencasting, it demonstrates the actual characteristics of the product while simultaneously creating a world of connections with the brand.

  1. HealMate

HealMate is a commercial piece by Breadnbeyond that meaningfully depicts the shared sense of being burnt out. As the video suggests, this medical promo highlights ordinary workers’ issues. Celine, the protagonist, is a good representation of a culture that disregards health values. Consequently, many people have had to deal with various health issues from an early age. The 3D animated pieces are ideal for demonstrating how leading a healthy lifestyle may enhance one’s day-to-day existence.

  1. Yova

Yova is on the opposite side of conversion demo videos. This company’s service (obtaining bulk discounts on regular-sized stock orders) may seem to be too good to be true. Yova made this startup explainer film to highlight how their service is feasible behind the scenes to convince prospective clients that the offer is credible.

  1. Zendesk Sunshine

The viewer gets the impression that Zendesk knows what they’re going through right away. It takes a whole 50 seconds into the video before Zendesk even mentions a possible resolution. We never get to see the platform in action, but that wasn’t the point of this film in the first place, and that is what distinguishes it as a powerful demonstration.

  1. Yellowbag 

It enables you to add your favourite things to your basket quickly. It also alerts you when the price reduces, allowing you to grab the most excellent deal possible.

This short animated film depicts the experience of shopping using Yellowbag. On this program and PCs, everyone may navigate their gestures fast. The engaging story illustrates how easy it is to use Yellowbag as a shopping companion.

  1. Dropbox Business

Dropbox is a great way for workers, company owners, and freelancers to store and exchange information over the internet. Everyone can handle their file sharing much more effectively with this program.

This video of a Dropbox demo is enthralling, and you can’t stop watching till the end to see how the tool can assist you in your job. This explainer video’s step-by-step instructions make it simple to grasp the device thoroughly.

  1. SurveyMonkey

With images highlighting SurveyMonkey’s perks and features as well as a walk-through of the product interface, this almost two-minute product demo delivers a solid punch. Viewers can witness how simple it is to submit a survey using SurveyMonkey in this video. They may also examine how it works with other platforms, such as Slack.

What Is the Best Way to Make a Product Demo Video of your own?

Follow these steps if you are willing to make a startup demo video of your own.

  • Determine your objective.
  • Determine who your target audience is.
  • Make a financial plan and a timeline.
  • Choose between working in-house and working with an agency.
  • Make a plan for your video.
  • You may choose between animated and live-action films.
  • Make a script for it.
  • Make a marketing strategy.


Marketing demo videos convert more leads than other forms of content, such as articles. This is because videos may gather more information in less time than a blog article, which allows your consumers to understand your brand better.

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