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11 rules successful people live by (and never compromise on)

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Every successful person is different and achieves success in many ways. 

But they all have something in common:

They follow these 11 rules no matter what, to the absolute best of their ability. 

1) Always stay thirsty

Successful people aren’t complacent, and they never lose their wonder and curiosity about the world. 

They tend to be interested in many different subjects and perk up when they hear about something they don’t know or find unique. 

This is something you can notice all the way from Elon Musk to Isaac Newton and George Washington to Gandhi:

They were all smart, certainly, but they were also filled with an enormous curiosity in a variety of subjects and learned from what happened in their lives. 

By being open to the experiences that came their way, they were able to often enter into various fields of expertise and inspire and teach others they came across with their discoveries. 

This is a key ingredient of success: 

Stay curious. Stay thirsty. Keep your eyes open. 

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