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23 Power Routines That Will Boost Your Productivity

Source | LinkedIn | John Rampton | Entrepreneur

The real power in routines is the way they can help us build momentum, break bad habits, prioritize our lives and make us more efficient. If that doesn’t make you more productive, then I don’t know what will. How do you decide what routines you can and will incorporate into your life? Try out a few of these suggestions to determine which ones you will make a permanent part of your calendar. Here are 25 powerful routines that will supercharge your productivity.

1. Wake up when it’s right for you.

Personally, I have to wake up early. But I also know successful people who get up later. If you’re a night owl, then trying to wake up early means you’re going against your body’s natural rhythm.

Instead of forcing yourself to wake up at 5 AM, pay attention to your specific circadian rhythm. It sounds simple, but your body will let you know when it’s time to sleep, wake, eat, and even exercise. It also clues you in when your most productive hours are. Knowing this, you’ll be able to consistently get enough sleep and plan your days around your energy levels.

2. Stay away from your phone when you first wake-up.

We all make make this mistake. You open your eyes first thing in the morning and instinctively grab our phones. According to brain performance expert Jim Kwik, you shouldn’t look at your phone for the first hour of the day.

The main reason is that your brain is highly suggestible during this time. As a result, this trains our minds to become distracted because of the release of dopamine we get from our electronic devices. Your productivity also takes a hit for the rest of the day because we want to keep experiencing those good feelings. So, instead of getting to work, we stay glued to our phones.

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