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A Day In Life Of A Campus Recruiter During Campus Recruitment

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Campus Recruitment Season in India (July to Dec) is one of the most hectic periods for a recruiter. Sure, one does get a high when it works out well, but in case the right strategy and the Campus Recruitment Checklist aren’t followed, it can turn into a badly organized event.

Over the past 4 months, I’ve visited over a dozen odd Engineering Campuses across South India. Since my team built Xobin, an #HRTech product focussed on skills assessment, I wanted to first-hand experience the life of a campus recruiter. (Also managed to get some gems. More on that later..)

A Typical Day In Campus Recruitment Process

6.00 AM – You wake up knowing that you need to be on campus by 9.00 AM.

You open Google Maps to check the location for the campus visit. The campus location of most of the top 100 engineering colleges is on the outskirts of the city. It’s going to be a 2-hour journey. You wonder why your company couldn’t contact the dozen-odd engineering colleges inside the city.

7.00 AM – Uber to the rescue. You get charged double rate but are confident of getting to the location on time, barring all the traffic.

9.00 AM – You reach the campus and are invited for a cup of tea/coffee by the Placement coordinator. The placement team treats you with the highest level of hospitality. After beating around the bush with casual topics of discussion around Coffee, Tea and biscuits, they slide in their moot question – “How many students does your esteemed company plan to recruit ?”.

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