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Advice for New Grads: Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Life Skills When Growing Your Career

By | The Muse Editors |

Emma Clausen always thought she wanted to be a lawyer—but while researching affordable options for undergrad in her home state of Nebraska, she discovered a small computer science program at a local university. Just like that, her career plans changed.

“Thinking that computer science would look good on law school applications, I gave it a try,” she says. “I quickly realized that you don’t need to be a math whiz to be decent at programming and fell in love with the ability to affect real change. It’s hard to find another field where you can make as much impact as a single person as you can in computer science.”

Today, Clausen is making a difference as a software engineer at the cybersecurity company Abnormal Security. She loves working at a smaller, growing organization because, she says, “even if you’re early in your career like me, you will be expected to contribute in a very real way.”

Here, Clausen shares why Abnormal Security is the ideal place to grow your career, the importance of learning life skills as a new grad, and how she’s adjusting to living far from home.

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