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Are you interviewing or being interviewed?

By | David Klaasen | Helping You Create Clarity, Inspire Your People & Drive Performance | Retain your best people | Changing Management Mindsets and Behaviour | Practical Behaviour Analytics

Recruiting good people is not easy, they are usually gainfully employed. However, when they are available many businesses squander the opportunity to get them on board due to lack of structure and organisation. Applying a few simple techniques can make you highly attractive to the best candidates.

Sadly, many Small and Medium sized businesses (and a surprising number of bigger corporates) lack effective recruitment and selection processes. Many Directors and Managers just want a mini-me, someone who can duplicate their workload and do the things they no longer want to do or don’t have the time to do. They rarely put enough thought into a new role, what it needs to deliver and the best type of person to deliver it. This means they simply advertise a post using some bland wording with the hope of a really good person coming along to fill it.

Are you attractive enough?

What wording are you using in your job adverts to make your business and the role highly attractive to the type of candidate you are looking for? We often help clients to assess the key characteristics and traits required in the role and then craft a Job Advert using words that are eye-catching and engaging for the type of people we want to attract.  For example if you need someone who is highly structured and pays attention to details, say something like “We need a meticulous person to help us to organise our business procedures.” If your business is still in an entrepreneurial phase and needs someone who is able to work on their own with few rules and structures mention phrases like “You will have lots of autonomy and exciting opportunities develop in the role”.

Most high performers and diligent people know they have something to offer and want to work with high performing businesses where they can make a contribution. They will research job opportunities, company performance and the key people before applying. These days it is very easy to research someone on the company website and then on Linked In. What does your website say about your business and the top team? What does your Linked In profile say about you and your business? Are you attractive enough?

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