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Easy Leadership Shifts: 5 Moves to Engage Employees

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5 Easy Leadership Shifts to Engage Employees in Tough Times

Leadership behaviors affect morale and results. In tough times, they have an even greater effect. Employees may already feel disheartened by conditions.

How leaders behave can uplift and engage employees or demoralize them even further. Don’t downshift employees’ morale.

Make these 5 easy leadership shifts to engage employees especially during tough times.

5 Easy Leadership Shifts to Ignite Employee Commitment

The behavior of leaders and managers at all levels, including supervisors, team leads, and project managers, shapes culture and outcomes. Leaders who see their own behavior clearly and shift to engage employees transform results.

Easy Leadership Shifts: Shift From …

Dreaming to Optimistic Realism.

The idea leader, aka the dreamer or inventor, is priceless in start-up mode. In do more with less times, uncontrolled dreaming can drive employees mad. They already feel overwhelmed and under-achieved. More ideas and dreams bury them.

Shift to optimistic realism and give employees the light of day. It ignites their commitment to tangible results.

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