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Engaging Gen Z Is Critical for HR — and the Future of Work — According to LinkedIn’s CEO

By | Bruce M. Anderson (he-him) | www.linkedin.com

With thousands of the world’s top talent leaders gathered for Talent Connect 2022 in person and virtually, LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky had big things on his mind when he took the stage this morning to address the gathering.

No. 1?

Nothing less than the future of work.

“It’s been a rough couple of years for everyone here today,” Ryan said. “All of our companies have been hit sideways.”

And then Ryan laid out his vision for how companies can get back on their feet and, particularly, how they can move forward.

His data-packed talk made the case for “an evolution of the tools, the insights, the platforms, and the data to make the decision-making for all of us much easier.” He called for hiring for potential not pedigree; for companies and candidates to share information so they can align on values; and for the central importance of reskilling, upskilling, and internal mobility programs that are both nimble and robust.

Ryan also put a spotlight on something talent leaders should be paying close attention to:  HR practitioners from Gen Z are changing jobs much more rapidly than their counterparts from other generations. He sees a need for HR leaders to make clear how mission-critical their teams’ work is.

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