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Got Promoted? Here’s How To Handle The Transition From Peer To Leader

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Many young professionals aspire to be promoted to a leadership position. The new responsibilities and status are certainly exciting, but people often overlook an important challenge in their transition to management: navigating your new dynamic with your former peers.

Naturally, things change when your co-workers become your subordinates, and you have to step up and act like their leader — not their friend — if you want to be taken seriously. It can be hard to make that shift, but there are a few things you can do to set your tenure as a leader off on the right foot. Follow the advice of these 13 Forbes Coaches Council members to feel more confident in your new role.

1. Have A Team Meeting And Ask For Support 

Ask each team member — privately first, then publicly — for support of the team’s objectives. In the whole team meeting, give each team member the opportunity to speak about where the team is now headed. When team members are required to be public with the support of the team’s direction, the new leader is accepted much more readily. – John HittlerEvoking Genius

2. Visualize Your Success 

In any new endeavor, it takes mindset and buy-in to attain success. When thrown into a new level of responsibility, it helps profoundly to spend time visualizing yourself successfully performing in the new role. When a story is visualized clearly, our brains cannot discern it from reality. You will own and be what you see, with success and confidence. – Laura DeCarloCareer Directors International

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