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How to boost your team’s potential

By | Hamza Naeem

Leading a team is not easy, no matter the number of individuals involved. Working with people who have different temperaments causes various issues that affect workplace productivity and the team’s overall potential.  

Any team head will agree that the most challenging task is assembling a team, especially if the business is new. When people begin working together, different problems arise. There will be personality differences, and expectations might be unrealistic.

For instance, if you need small business financing and you need strategies, you cannot achieve this alone. You need the combined efforts of each team member.

Since you are in charge of your team, they are accountable to you, and their potential grooming is your responsibility.  

Here are some ways to boost your team’s potential

  1. Develop yourself: If you want to see great potential in your team members, you need to spot opportunities that would help them advance. To spot these opportunities, you have to develop yourself to a good extent.

Your development level determines how you push your team members toward something beneficial that would improve their skills and knowledge. Development and progress are critical for any business. And you need to offer various development options to help your team.

2. Pay for their training: Some team leads don’t believe in paying for their members’ training because they have vital needs like small business financing. Paying for your team’s training is a long-term investment. You might not reap the benefits in the short-term as the months and years come by.

A well-trained team member can perform optimally in their job. The training gives them a better understanding of their job roles and responsibilities, which boosts their confidence. When team members are confident, their performance improves, which benefits your small business/organization.

3. Pay for summits/conferences: If you consider sending a sizable number of people to summits and conferences, it has a toll on small business financing. The costs are usually high, and many business owners and team leaders do not consider this option.

However, organizations and businesses that are committed to paying for summits and conferences will benefit in the long run. More so, your team members gain a lot from attending summits and conferences.

First off, it piques their mental strength, solidifies learning, and enhances their professional growth. When you expose team members to a new environment where they network with other professionals, it helps rekindle their passion and develop fresh skills.

4. Offer benefits and perks: Another way to improve your team’s potential is to offer them benefits and perks. At this point, consider these expenses an integral part of small business financing because of the long-term rewards.

Every team member/employee would be happy if benefits are attached to fulfilling a particular task or to upskill in any aspect of their work. Relaxed team members will see this as an opportunity to wake up and work harder to get these benefits and perks.

One of the common perks that team members enjoy is free meals or stipends that boost their monthly/annual earnings. However, you should do what you deem best for your team.

On a final note

Your team’s potential is as good as your investment in their personal and professional lives. If you are concerned about your small business financing and you are looking to cut costs, you should consider your team’s professional development. 

You cannot empower your team and boost their potential with a single move. Rather you need small and regular ways that lay the foundation of a productive work environment. Hence, provide your employees/team members with constant support, motivation, and feedback, to see a spike in their productivity.



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