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Is an international business degree worth it?

By | Albert Tom

With globalization intersecting varied industrial domains and bringing countries diplomatically and economically closer, majoring in international business can bring a great return on investment. Becoming an international business graduate can allow you to travel the globe, make significant contributions to the global economy and lead an international lifestyle.

International business graduates can work in a wide range of sectors owing to the digital and financial connections between these industries across the world. The degree also provides them with unique perspective on global economic issues that are coveted by businesses around the globe. Pursuing international business degree is 100% percent worth the time, money and effort you put into it.

If you are wondering about the feasibility of pursuing this degree and want to know more about the career prospects after the course, this blog can help you out. It lists some fascinating career choices with a degree in international business.

What are the career prospects of an international business course?

Most MNCs are always in search for qualified business professionals who can understand the needs of operating an international business and deliver accordingly. A course in international business can provide you with all the subject knowledge and expertise required for managing a global business.

International business graduates can find employment in a wide range of professional domains such as banking, management, technology, healthcare and education. Here are some interesting career roles that can make it worthwhile to pursue this course.

  1. International Accountants: From the Hollywood industry to NASA, every public and private enterprise requires qualified professionals well versed in international business regulations who can help expand the company globally with their expertise. International accountants are responsible for preparing and examining the financial records of the company and advising the management on the legal regulatory systems of different nations.
  2. Import Export Compliance Specialists: An export import compliance specialist is in charge of ensuring that the export and import activities of the company are within the regulatory framework of the global and domestic trade authorities. The role may require you to maintain a record of all the import and export operations and flag the changes that do not comply with the regulations.
  3. International Economists: International economists are hired by government bodies and international organization to study the local and global markets, identify the current economic trends and make reports of their findings. These reports are the basis for important financial decision-making in the company. These economists are also required to convene with the management and suggest changes to the financial policies in accordance with the economic trends.

Apart from these positions, you can also explore a career in other roles such as a financial analyst, business analyst or product delivery manager. As per the data released by LinkedIn in 2017, the number of international business jobs have doubled in the last decade and is on a continuous upward trend. Enroll in an international business course today for a successful global career in the future.




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