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Problem Solving is a Critical Skill in Business. Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes When Trying to Work Through Something

Every business today has to deal with complex problems. Do you have the discipline and process to avoid the pitfalls?


In every business, especially new ones, quick and effective problem solving is a critical skill.

The problems you face are more complex and moving faster than ever before, and the consequences of a poor or incomplete solution can be costly to your business, and well as to your community, human health, and the environment. What we learn in school hasn’t kept up with the demands.

For example, there is no question that Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes faced a host of complex problems in their drive to offer a comprehensive blood test from just a finger stick and a single drop of blood.

Yet few would have believed that problems could have brought down such a promising solution, as well as the reputation of the founder, despite a $9 billion valuation.

I found some real insights into today’s problem solving challenge in a new book, “Bulletproof Problem Solving,” by Charles Conn and Robert McLean. These authors have more than thirty years of experience in complex problem solving, including solution approaches, in McKinsey & Company, start-up companies, and many social and environmental organizations.

Based on my own thirty years of experience in large and small business, and advisory roles with new businesses, I support their summary of the common pitfalls that many business leaders experience in facing the problem solving challenges in the marketplace today:

1. Settling for weak problem statements, without knowing the root cause.

Rushing into analysis with a vague problem statement is a clear formula for long hours and frustrated customers.

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