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Quiet promotion and its implications on your career

Quiet promotion is a new terminology being discussed in the job market. It means more work without any change in designation or salary. Though cross-functional participation and stretch goals are seen as part of employee development, quiet promotion lacks planning and reason. It could happen due to the company cutting down expenses or losing specific role employees due to attrition. Overwork, exhaustion and burnout are some of the long-term negative impacts of quiet promotion

Source | | Debleena Majumdar, ET Online

This time last year, words like quiet quitting were floating around. As the world of work keeps changing and evolving, more such terms resurface.

There is a new terminology that is being talked about today, especially for people in their mid-career stages: Quiet promotion.

What does it mean and what are the possible implications?

Simply put, it means more work without a change in designation or salary.

Imagine you are working in a company and doing well. You are suddenly asked to take up another project or help another colleague.

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