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Stuck In a Rut? Here Are 15 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Bad Situation.

Source | LinkedIn | John Rampton | Entrepreneur

Self-indulgence and pity parties are not suitable for your business. The good news is that there are always options to regain your motivation and passion. Here are 15 of my favorite techniques.

1. Focus only on your main goal.

As an entrepreneur, you have plenty of things to do and a million ideas going through your head. That’s just part of the job. Most of us thrive in this type of environment. At the same time, this can drain both your energy and motivation.

As Leo Babauta correctly writes, “You cannot maintain energy and focus (the two most important things in accomplishing a goal) if you are trying to do two or more goals at once.” The solution? Pick “one goal, for now, and focus on it completely.”

Personally, I would start with your meatiest goal and save the rest for later. If you’re deciding between several different options, zone in on the one that relates to your top priorities and make sure that it’s a SMART goal. Once you choose to focus on that goal, put the goal in writing and develop a realistic action plan with steps to achieve it.

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