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The 3 Papa CJ offerings – Naked, comedy & customised coaching

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1. Papa CJ: Naked – A Comedian’s Tale

Drama. Poetry. Storytelling. Music. Dancing. Comedy. Tragedy. And hope. These are some of the elements that you can expect from this multi-genre one-man theatrical production. It will definitely make you laugh, will possibly make you cry and might even change the way you look at your own life. ‘Naked’ is Papa CJ’s most raw and compelling show till date. It is a world-class performance arts property that is unique in both concept and execution. “You will walk out vowing to tell your friends about this comedian” – Herald Sun, Australia. “This is accomplished stand-up that crosses continents and decades while remaining very personal” – The Scotsman, Scotland. “(Naked) is more than comedy…it has a deep literary flourish, with a visceral sense of pathos” – Hindustan Times, India.

Objective: To laugh, have fun, relax and build a great informal environment for networking.

Take home value: Enjoyment, stress relief and a fresh and positive perspective on life. A bunch of great stories to be able to tell others.

2. Papa CJ – Live (and Uncensored if you like)

A stand-up comedy set from India’s most internationally travelled comedians. “Fresh and up to the minute with a sly sting in the tail” – British Theatre Guide. “An unabashed master of the sideswipe” – The Mirror. “The energy and attitude of an Indian Chris Rock” – Manchester Comedy. “Trademark acerbic humour” – Indian Express. “Reliable crowd-killer” – Time Out. “Papa CJ has an energy force field like a superhero. He is pure, distilled confidence. His true power lies off-script, in his creating instant humour in his audience.” – Tehelka Magazine.

Objective: To laugh, have fun, relax, interact and build a great informal environment for networking.

Take home value: Enjoyment, stress relief and an interesting experience to talk about.

3. Management, marketing, leadership & public speaking lessons from a professional stand-up comedian.

A stand-up comedian has to grab the attention of his audience immediately. He has to stay true to his brand and messaging while catering to people from different backgrounds and in different countries. He has to understand what makes people tick both individually and in groups. He gets feedback every 15 seconds and has to deal with customer complaints (heckles) on the spot. Papa CJ’s background as an Oxford MBA, executive coach, motivational speaker and stand-up comedian allows him to create customised workshops to help executives improve their skill sets and get an insight into the science behind how stand-up comedians approach their art form. Interactive sessions can be created to coach participants on how to do stand-up comedy as well as create customised stories that cater to their personal or professional needs.

Objective: To create customised workshops to coach participants to improve their skill sets, particularly around public speaking and persuasion.

Takeaway: A fun and interactive experience that gives you a skill set that allows you to grab the attention of your audience instantly and tell a better story.

Republished with permission and originally published at Papa CJ’s LinkedIn

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