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These are the top 15 cities where college students want to live post-graduation, a new survey says

By | Jade Scipioni |

Figuring out what to do after college is only half the battle. You also need to figure out where you want to live.

Typically, hotspots like New York and Los Angeles are strong contenders: They tend to have plenty of job demand, and highly valued social scenes for people in their 20s. But a recent survey discovered a new frontrunner: Seattle.

On Monday, Axios and The Generation Lab published their newest Next Cities Index, which broke down the most desired locations in the country for people ages 18 to 24, filtered by metrics like gender and political party affiliation. Altogether, Seattle ranked highest on the overall list for most desired location.

“It feels like a young-person city,” one college senior told Axios, about why he wanted to move to Seattle after graduating.

The Emerald City was slightly more desired by men than women: Female students choose New York as their top choice, followed by Seattle and Boston, respectively. Seattle was also the most popular choice for politically independent students. Republicans picked Austin, Texas, as their top choice, and Democrats picked New York.

Overall, these 15 cities are college students’ most desired destinations, according to the report:

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