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Top 10 Predictions for HR Tech in 2018

By | Rajiv Jayaraman | Founder-CEO, KNOLSKAPE ; Author: Clearing the Digital BLUR, TEDx speaker, Chief People Officer, Talent Transformation

As we enter the last quarter of the calendar year, it is useful to start thinking about the major trends that we are likely to witness in the HR Tech space in 2018. Here are the top 10 predictions.

1. AI will be positioned more as an “&” strategy

AI will make the HR function efficient in a variety of areas including hiring, development and assessments. HR teams will provide the situational context for AI systems to make the right impact for the organization. The combination of human + AI will produce dramatic results.

2. New-age collaborative platforms will become more prevalent

Social, collaborative platforms like Slack, FB @ Work will penetrate deeply into many organizations unleashing the platform + app model for HR. In this model, the platform enables seamless communication and collaboration across levels within the company and there will be plethora of apps that cater to specific needs across performance management, feedback, learning, assessments, engagement etc.

3. Mobile + Videos will become the norm for learning, on-boarding, engagement

With high speed internet connections becoming a reality and smart phones in the hands of all the employees, videos will be the norm for learning, on-boarding and talent engagement.

4. New Leadership Models will evolve for the digital age

Traditional leadership model anchored around the industrial age will get replaced by more modern leadership theories for the digital age. HR Tech companies will play a big role in helping leaders learn new skills better and stay relevant through on-going learning.

5. HR tech will start to solve issues for the extended enterprise

With organizations becoming increasingly boundary-less, it will become imperative for the HR teams to focus on cascading culture, values and engagement not just within the organization but also across the extended enterprise. HR tech will respond to this need and develop platforms that create communities around the extended enterprise.

6. HR analytics will come of age

Decisions in many HR domains are currently being taken without the use of data and analytics. HR Tech will provide analytics solutions across the employee life cycle from talent acquisition to exit.

7. Performance Management will become more agile

Today, anything with the prefix “annual” is seen as anachronistic. With the annual bell curve based performance appraisal process going out of fashion, there is a need for real-time, instant feedback on performance. HR Tech will provide the ability for employees to track their performance on a more frequent basis with real-time feedback from different stakeholders.

8. HR tech will find interesting ways to gamify HR

Gamification has found great acceptance when it comes to on-boarding and learning. There are plenty of other areas within HR that can still benefit from gamification – knowledge management, coaching, rewards and recognition to name a few.

9. Neuro assessments will start to gain traction

We will start to see employees getting assessed using head gears that measure neural activity while performing various tasks or while learning. The data from these tools will be used in the assessment process.

10. Wellness Tech will find a lot of acceptance

With increasing stress and anxiety in the workplace, wellness will become a key employee proposition offered by organizations. We will witness growth in platforms that offer comprehensive wellness solutions to employees.

Republished with permission and originally published at Rajiv Jayaraman’s LinkedIn

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