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Video Calling? Think Like a Vlogger

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

Think Like a Vlogger While Video Calling

I asked a friend who creates video blogs and hence is a vlogger. Many of us now need to use video calling to stay connected to work. Here is what he said, “Who knows video calling better than a vlogger? They use their videos to capture the attention of millions of viewers. When you are video calling your colleagues, you are using the same medium of the video. It is the new medium you are using to share your ideas. It is your new medium to influence the world. So think like a vlogger.”

Visually Clear

Martin Sorrell talks about the average Facebook video being watched for less than 2 seconds. In a world of shrinking attention spans, vloggers remove everything that distracts the viewer.
Pay attention to the books and posters that show up when it is your turn to speak. Avoid walking around while video calling your colleagues or work partners. Several freelancers dress in work wear (here’s why) and observe strict work timings. That is a great practice.
Video calling - think like a vlogger

Video Calling Is a Sound Strategy

Imagine watching a movie in a theater where there is a howling infant. It is distressing for the parent and makes it hard for others to concentrate on the movie. Video calling works on the same principles. Mute your mic if you are not speaking. A background with crying kids, blaring music played by your room mate, traffic sounds etc can make it hard for others to tune in. Tip: Closing the windows and drawing the curtains can improve the sound quality.

Socializing Like a Vlogger

Most people have not had to worry about the basic tech infra at home. Video calling needs a certain bandwidth. Investing in a high speed connection is recommended. The high speed connection at home can improve the experience of video calling for work.
Socialize like a vlogger. They engage with viewers for their “work” and also take time to build a fairly personal relationship with the viewers. That maybe a skill worth learning. Spend some time “socializing” with your colleagues. Video calling can stop you from feeling isolated and lonely.

Work in Progress

Think about working from home as the new normal. Thinking like a vlogger can give you a headstart on how to adapt your work to the new environment. Even in this crisis there is a silver lining. People who have undertaken long commutes can sleep a bit longer.
Employees complain about not having time to upskill them selves. This maybe the time to take that online course. It is an opportunity to upskill yourself and build new skills.
People look forward to the weekend when they can unwind, read a book and share a meal with their loved ones. All that is a daily possibility as most of us now stay quarantined.
Every crisis has an opportunity built in. And who knows, you may become the next vlogging sensation.
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