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Want Accountability Within Your Team? Start at the Top

Organizations with a strong sense of accountability and personal ownership thrive. But how do you get there?

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 has never been as important as it is right now. Whether in board rooms in times of tight resource constraints or virtual  settings where progress is dependent on self-discipline and commitment, establishing accountability across a team is paramount for success within any organization.

Most  circles agree that accountability is one of the essential traits of any high-performing team. But if that’s true, then why is it that so many companies fail to establish a culture that nurtures accountable relationships?

Since we as human beings are nuanced and complex, the process for establishing accountability should be equally nuanced. It requires us to engage fully with all our senses and be present; we must always keep the big picture in mind. With our teams, we should celebrate progress beyond just results. We must acknowledge and provide feedback when accountability is demonstrated well. Let’s consider what true accountability within a team requires.

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Vision and clear goals

Every company has a vision and mission built upon a foundation of values and core capabilities. Your company’s goals take two forms, generally speaking: quantitative goals (e.g., growth by X%, revenue/profit, operational KPIs) and qualitative goals (e.g., specific leadership traits and values). In an ideal world, these corporate-level, macro goals are broken down into department-level micro-goals and measured through regular performance reviews. For example, you might have a monthly performance meeting comparing forecasted goals vs. actual performance.

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