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What is IP Targeting for Marketing?

By | Amy Sloane

When it comes to getting customers, you have to make sure that you use your marketing dollars as efficiently as possible. That’s why it is always a good idea to look for new ways to reach potential customers. 

One of the most innovative new ways to reach a select audience is through IP targeting. This may be the secret advertising tactic that can help your business get to the next level.

What is IP Targeting for Marketing?

IP targeting is the targeting of potential customers through the customer’s IP (internet protocol) address. Every internet device has its own IP address that acts as a “fingerprint” that can make them individually identified. By having someone’s IP address, you can individually target them with a marketing message.

The Advantages of IP Targeting

This goes without saying that being able to pinpoint and handpick your customers is extremely powerful. Usually, this was only possible with direct mail, telemarketing, and direct sales marketing. 

However, the problem with these forms of marketing is that it is time-consuming to reach each individual person on your prospect list. Here are the major advantages of using IP targeting.

You can reach thousands of individualized customers instantly. Once you have a list of IP addresses, you a to quickly launch a Facebook or Google ad campaign and reach this audience. 

This is especially advantageous if you need to move quickly. Facebook and Google will be able to target your audience within an hour after launching your campaign.

IP targeting is also inexpensive compared to other direct sales methods. With direct mail, you have to hire a graphic designer, printer, and pay for postage. 

With telemarketing, you have to hire a team of telemarketing reps. With direct sales, you have to send a sales team out into the field. With IP targeting, all you need is a laptop and a credit card to pay for your ads.

Finally, IP targeting is accountable. You can see right away who clicked on your ad, who added items to your cart, who initiated check out, and how made a purchase. 

You can re-target those who clicked on your ad with a follow-up campaign. Quite simply, IP targeting is one of the most effective uses of your ad dollars.

Does IP targeting work?

IP targeting has been shown to have one of the highest click-thru and purchase rates of any online ad campaign. According to Data Dynamix, they have seen 4 times the average click-thru rates when using IP targeting. Even if you can not get a purchase from the initial click-thru, you will be able to re-target those customers to convert more sales.

How to use IP targeting

IP targeting can be used in a number of different ways in order to boost sales. One of the ways you can use IP targeting is to use a specific campaign on a specific group of people on your list. 

For instance, if you sell a wide range of products, you can sell your most expensive products to those who live in expensive zip codes. If you have a list of repeat customers, then you can offer a custom loyalty program with your IP targeting list. 

Finally, you can create an IP targeting campaign for those who meet a specific set of criteria. For instance, you can get a custom list of women who have an interest in yoga or men who like to go fishing. With IP targeting, you can be selective as possible and create a custom message to that audience.

IP targeting vs broad market targeting

IP targeting is an idea for narrowcasting your message while broad marketing targeting casts a wide net. In some cases, broad market targeting is better when you are testing out an ad message or a new product. 

You don’t want to engage in testing with IP targeting. With IP targeting, you want to send a message to people who are essentially “warm traffic” to your product, service, or message.

Getting started with IP targeting

IP targeting is one of the innovative new ways that you can reach a specific group of people. By creating a custom list from IP addresses, you can find the exact audience that you need for your message. That will lead to more sales and highly efficient use of your ad dollars.

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