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What Secondary Skills are Useful to Further Your Career

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Let us start by understanding what technical and secondary skills mean — technical skills are those that make you qualified to work on or perform a given task. Whereas, secondary skills are those that help you enhance your performance. A given task or assignment can be done without secondary skills, but these skills are key for career growth.

Our Expert Dr Jyoti Joshi Pant, Associate Professor HR, Welingkar Institute of Management, has divided these secondary skills into 3 parts. She says that there are 3 types of secondary skills that one needs to master. These are: 

  • Non-negotiable skills
  • Secondary skills that will make you relevant or skills without which you won’t be considered by a potential employer
  • Core skills

Non-Negotiable or ‘Must Have’ Skills 

These are the skills that you just can’t do without. These skills will make an employer hire you. The skills under this are: 

  •  Professionalism: Your accountability, integrity and ethics play a role here. You need to have a high degree of professionalism to succeed in your career.
  • The drive to lead and take responsibility: Unless the higher-ups rely on you to take responsibility and get the work done, they will never choose you for a promotion. Always remember to show your zeal to take up responsibility; this will definitely take you ahead.

The Secondary Skills that Make You Relevant

  •  Impactful communication: Communication not only involves your ability to vocalise, but your ability to listen. You should focus on developing verbal, oral and written communication in order to have an influence on the people around you.
  • Problem solving: Your ability to be spontaneous and brainstorm to come up with solutions is what every employer looks for. This is a skill that you HAVE to be good at to grow in your career.
  • Ability to work with people around you: Being a team player is the road you should pick to reach a leadership role. This is a secondary skill that will either make or break your career graph, so you have to work towards making it one of your strengths.

 The above two types of secondary skills will help you stand out and be chosen over others, whereas the 3rd type of secondary skills will make you a leader at your workplace. 

Want to know more? 

Watch the Expert Chat video to find out:

  • Having what secondary skills will make you a leader
  • The ‘2-3-5’ rule of secondary skills
  • Exclusive answers to ALL your questions regarding the topic 

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