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Why learning breathwork is the most vital (and easiest) New Year’s resolution

It feels like we've been holding our breath for a year

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Have you had that weird moment yet? The one where you’re walking past someone who’s coming your way in the street – you know that it’s etiquette to socially distance, so you move right out of the way, but it’s also rude to straight-up avoid people, so, being British, you try to make eye contact and smile to show that it’s not a deliberate insult… but you’re also half-turning your face away because you don’t want to breathe in their direction either… or, for that matter, get their breath on you… so you do the breath-holding-side-on-smile-pavement-squeeze-shuffle, wait until the danger of their potentially lethal exhalation has passed, and let out a well-earned sigh of relief.

No? Well, what about being in a small supermarket and just not wanting to breathe-in the whole time? Taking weird little sips of air and feeling a bit light-headed or even a little miffed that other people are having the audacity to breathe in your vicinity?

Or maybe you’ve experienced the strange, yet newly familiar breathlessness of wearing a sweaty face mask for just a tad too long.

It’s strange, we’ve never been so aware of our breath, (and isn’t that what the mindfulness teachers have been telling us to do for the last decade?) and yet it’s for such a negative reason – it’s an unspoken truth, but the exhale has been quietly declared taboo. Something to be caught in a mask, or held in and discretely blown away from other people like unwanted cigarette smoke – In 2020, our breath has come between us.

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