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Why Mindfulness is Key to Rise in Your Career

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Being mindful means being attentive, says Aparna Pathak, Life Transformation Coach and Founder, Celebrating Life, on an Expert Chat she conducted on mindfulness.

She quotes John Kabat-Zinn to define mindfulness, who said, “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”

She says one of the major outcomes of being mindful is self-evaluation. Mindfulness simply gives you an opportunity to assess yourself and make a clear distinction between what is important and what isn’t. This, in the end, helps you improve and make changes in your personal and professional life.

Aparna stresses that the only way to get better at mindfulness is practice. The more you practice the different mindfulness tools, the more mindful you are in your daily life.

To practice mindfulness, you have to increase your ability to focus and listen to others. When you develop the habit of listening, you think from different perspectives, which makes you more understanding of situations, especially at work.

Being mindful helps you become emotionally aware. You pay attention to details, which in turn helps you become emotionally intelligent in real-life situations. 

According to Aparna, when you are emotionally intelligent, you become self-aware; you learn how to handle your emotions and those of people around you.

Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-evaluation depend on the tools

The mindfulness tools that our Expert lists have to be practiced every day. She says, from experience, that these tools have helped her overcome and cope with several stressful situations at work.

These simple mindfulness tools can make handling work and life a lot easier. Find out what they are by watching this Expert Chat video.

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