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10 characteristics of men with unwavering integrity

By | Paul Brian |

Men of integrity operate by a code of conduct. 

They have red lines they won’t cross and standards they won’t fail to meet. 

Here they are: 

1) Self-accountability

The first of the key characteristics of men with unwavering integrity is self-accountability. 

That means absolute, unbreakable self-honesty and holding himself accountable for his actions, words and decisions. 

The man of integrity never hides behind context or blames others to escape responsibility. 

When he has had a part in something he owns that head-on. 

For the promises he makes to himself and others he takes responsibility and is accountable to himself. 

Even if not a single other soul on earth knows of his promise to lose weight or accomplish another goal, he knows, and he holds himself accountable. 

2) Authenticity

The next of the characteristics of men with unwavering integrity is authenticity. 

A man of integrity never fakes it. He doesn’t do “fake nice,” and he doesn’t feign interest when he doesn’t care.

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