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6 Tips to Build Your Influence and Get Your Ideas Heard

Source | | Jennifer McClure

As a speaker and leadership coach, my passion and purpose in life is to help leaders to embrace the future of work, and leverage their influence to create positive lasting change.

If you’re a leader of people in your organization, and you likely are — even if you don’t have people reporting to you on an organization chart — your role provides huge opportunities for you to step up and drive business growth in your organization.

In other words, your team needs you! And they need you to share your ideas and expertise in order to successfully navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

It’s one thing to have ideas — and frankly, lots of people have ideas – but the only way that your ideas will actually be heard, and ultimately implemented, is if you have done the necessary work ahead of time to build your influence.

3 do’s and 3 don’ts to increase your influence

Do — Have an opinion

Want your opinion to be sought after and valued? Then you have to offer it.

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